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Patrickov Patrickov 17 December 2021

Christmas Event 2021 Log

Personal Rules:

  1. Start at where I was before the event
  2. Compare available jobs and pick the one to the city with least deliveries made

Jobs made:

  1. Dec 17, ETS 2: Nantes Wilnet Transport → Burgos TREE-ET
  2. Dec 17, ATS: Salt Lake City Wallbert → Huron Sunshine Crops
  3. Dec 19, ATS: Huron (579 → 595) Sunshine Crops → Burns (1,418 → 1,474) Coastline Mining
  4. Dec 20, ETS 2: Burgos (2,230 → 2,260) Exomar → Faro (1,106 → 1,118) APP
  5. Dec 26, ATS: Burns (4,876 → 4,889) Coastline Mining → Coeur d'Alene (1,978 → 1,984) HMS Machinery
  6. Dec 28, ATS: Coeur d'Alene (2,352 → 2,369) Wallbert → Clifton (1,233 → 1,249) Tidbit
    • It is painful to drive through Clifton, seriously!
  7. Dec 30, ATS: Clifton (1,416 → 1,421) Tidbit → Salmon (1,559 → 1,571) Coastline Mining
    • Unlocked achievement: Four Corners
  8. Dec 31, A…
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Nautofon Nautofon 21 August 2021

Status of Driving Directions, August 2021

So it's been well over a year already since the first driving directions were published here. Time flies! Where do we stand with the "Driving Directions" project, and where are we headed?

First of all, I'm grateful for every single contribution we've been getting. I have no exact count, but it seems that at least 15 different individuals have added new directions or fixed up old ones over time. A big shoutout and my special thanks go to User:Busted85, who's been very active for a period last winter. Nice work, everybody. Thank you!

As you may know, the project status is described in text over on the project page. In short, both the Pacific Northwest and Arizona / New Mexico have a lot of directions complete. Utah and Colorado have some, while Cal…

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Technology With Pro Technology With Pro 14 August 2021

Updating Full Map of ETS2 Today

I think it's safe to say that I am happy to announce the replacement of the full map of Euro Truck Simulator 2 in less than an hour or so. All I have left to do is Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

As soon as I am finished with the map, I will then update Portugal with the new section of the Autoestrada A24, and the new map icons. Since Portugal is much more smaller than the entire map, it will be replaced today.

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Technology With Pro Technology With Pro 9 August 2021

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Full Map w/ Update 1.41 - Half way done

Its been almost exactly a week since I posted a blog about my progress update on updating the full map of ETS2, and now, here's the second progress update. At this moment, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, and Austria are complete (see more in my first progress update). Denmark, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary are partially complete.

I am aiming to complete the Czech Republic first, and then head towards Turkey with Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria to be finished. After that, I will head north towards Finland with Poland, Russia, and the three Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia to be finished. The last pieces to be finished will be Denmark, Sweden, and finally, Norway.

Currently, I do NOT have the exact dat…

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Technology With Pro Technology With Pro 2 August 2021

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Full Map w/ Update 1.41 - Progress Update

I recently posted a blog about me replacing map images for ETS2 due to update 1.41. As of posting this blog, the full map of Euro Truck Simulator 2 is in the works for a new replacement. Portugal, Spain, Mainland France (Corse is still unfinished), Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the United Kingdom are finished. The Netherland, Italy, and Germany, are partially complete. The last country to be finished, according to my latest screenshot taken, will be Norway.

The finish line for this replacement is still unknown. It will be finished when I am finished.

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Patrickov Patrickov 1 August 2021

Update (2021-08-01)

Turn out that I had to replace my display card, and while there was a harddisk failure it's my booting one. I took the opportunity to replace the stuff with an SSD, a newer display card, and also upgrading my machine's memory. Things go much faster although I still don't dare to record trucking videos for now.

Currently participating the Idaho potato event in a lackluster pace.

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Technology With Pro Technology With Pro 1 August 2021

Updating ETS2 map images

This is my update on updating map images for Euro Truck Simulator 2 due to the newest update, 1.41. All map images will experience a replacement excluding cities, because there are almost 300 cities featured and would take about at least a month to replace all of them. All or some map images need to be updated due to the following content that has been added or updated:

  • There is another section of the A24 in Portugal that was added between A25 and A7.
  • All map icons (Gas stations, rest areas, viewpoints, etc.) have been redesigned.
  • Some areas have been added or redesigned in the Iberia DLC.

The first map I will start off will be the full map, which is currently the biggest map in this Encyclopedia. After that, all maps of countries will be upda…

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Wuiwedjksfsfdjsd Wuiwedjksfsfdjsd 28 July 2021

How are bank loan installments calculated?

When the Bank becomes available to the player, they must choose whether they will take out a loan and how much they should take out in order not to go bankrupt later in the game. The key factor affecting how much a player chooses to take is the daily installment, namely how much they have to pay back every day. The question becomes how these values are calculated.

Take the Bank in ATS as our example as it has different repayment periods for every loan. The table below maps the amount of the loan into how much you have to repay every day:

What we have to do here is to attempt to obtain these values using the most common way of calculating loan amounts. It is worth mentioning that the formula we should use is somewhat different than its real-l…

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Patrickov Patrickov 14 July 2021

My excuse... again

Sorry I think I am making excuses again.

It's 3 years after I had my additional harddisk failed and... well, the replacement has just died. It's not the real reason that I have been away lately though -- the real reason is that I am too addicted to another game.

And frankly, I would have been an idiot if I had no insurance whatsoever. I have been keeping things backed up to a NAS since the last incident so any unpublished work is fine this time.

But in any case, I probably am to engage (even) less in Truck Sims in the immediate future.

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Wuiwedjksfsfdjsd Wuiwedjksfsfdjsd 14 April 2021

ETS2 time vs real time

Have you ever asked yourself the following question: How long is a trip in Euro Truck Simulator 2 in real time? The following table, in addition to giving you the answer to that question, provides conversion rates from as short as a millisecond all the way up to a thousand years.

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Patrickov Patrickov 11 April 2021

Cruising Iberia Log

Completed with the following cities:

  • Zaragoza
  • Barcelona
  • Algeciras
  • Málaga + Sevilla
  • València
  • Port de Sagunt + Albacete
  • Murcia + Puertollano
  • Bailén + Almería
  • Granada
  • Córdoba
  • Mengíbar + Lisboa
  • Setúbal + A Coruña
  • Vigo + Madrid

Details to be filled in later.

  • Trip 1: Olbia Marina → Zaragoza RTLOG
    Date: 10 April
    Cargo: Yacht - Queen V39
    Distance: 450 km
    Before downloading the Iberia DLC I have just completed the achievement All Around the Blue Island, so I teleported "back" my truck there and drove through the city before setting off. Turns out there were a lot of marina yachts waiting to be shipped there, and only after opening the map I found that Dover (my current base) is actually quite quick to Spain, because, well, Spain has quite a lot of ferries! Good thing t…

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Patrickov Patrickov 27 February 2021

Rambling 2

This is probably a rambling within a rambling.

I am still trying to do French roads but the time after Lunar New Year has been slightly chaotic in real-life. (Personal note: NIMBY Rails is a very dangerous game!)

As 1.40 rolls around new German roads are released. On this opportunity I am going to update their icons according to in-game road signs instead of map signs (i.e. very much like French road signs), no less because in-game road signs now features a heck lot more roads than in the map, and even some B roads (Bundesstraßen) are signed in-game now.

However I run to one problem: Road signs number plates are often darker than map signs. That means those signs contributed by everyone will need to be replaced sooner or later...

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Wuiwedjksfsfdjsd Wuiwedjksfsfdjsd 17 February 2021

Map Scale in ETS2 and ATS

Europe and the USA are too big to be featured in 1:1 actual sizes, so in the Truck Simulator games we have something called map scale.

First let's talk about how to write map scales. If you have ever seen 2D paper maps, then you should be familiar with it. The map scale is written as a ratio, typically as 1:x, where the 1 represents the length on the map and x represents the actual real-life length. For example, if you see a map with scale 1:10,000 that means 1 centimeter on the map represents 10,000 centimeters or 100 meters in real life.

You have probably learned from at least one source that the map scales of ETS2 and ATS are both 1:20, but this is not actually the case. The map scales in these two games only differ by a little, for that …

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Patrickov Patrickov 8 February 2021

Rambling 1

Just some ramblings on what I am doing related to this Wiki. This will be a few so I add the number 1 to this post.

Road mileage maps should always have been easy (as I did a long time before). But when I became obsessive with going paperless since about 2017 I kind of inflated myself. Even before that, I was unsatisfied with simple strip diagrams so I made my maps at least topologically accurate, and as time passed I started to go geographically accurate, and now I seem to be determined to include detailed features like inaccessible roads / railways and (selectively) buildings. I spent much more time reading the textures in the map editor than actually driving now. God knows what I'd do next.

As for the tools, I first used my tab with bu…

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Patrickov Patrickov 10 December 2020

Cruising Colorado

Didn't participate in Cruising Idaho but decided to do Colorado, partially because of its linkage to South Park.

A brief log of run as follows:

  • Sacramento → Sterling (Eisenhower-Johnson Tunnel eastbound)
  • Sterling → Steamboat Springs
  • Steamboat Springs → Durango (via Million Dollar Highway)
  • Durango → Montrose
  • Montrose → Rangely
  • (Cruise from Rangely to Vernal)
  • Vernal → Lamar
  • (Freightliner came out so position reset, teleported back to Lamar)
  • Lamar → Fort Collins
  • (Bought a Freightliner there, then cruised via US 34 Rocky Mountain National Park)
  • Grand Junction → Denver
  • Denver → Alamosa
  • Alamosa → Pueblo
  • Pueblo → Burlington (complete)
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Patrickov Patrickov 5 April 2020

I seem sticking to France very often

Most of my contributions in these two years are France-related road pages.

The reason is relatively simple:

  1. Why I do roads:  City pages are usually completed by more hardworking members, while the roads usually need in-game mileage and junction information to be useful.  There is also interesting information on how SCS features a road or even how to sign them.  (A small spoiler:  A837 in game is actually just a stub, not as long as the map label wants us to believe.  Everything north of somewhere is of lower standard)
  2. Why I do France:  France is a relatively marginal region that most roads are stable.  Older maps are prone to update (e.g. I expect SCS to update to Benelux or Switzerland / Austria after Gernamy) while places like the Balkans and…
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Technology With Pro Technology With Pro 20 February 2020

This community is lacking administrators

There is only one administrator of the community, which is Patrickov. Recently, Doktorpixel14 has left the community due to the fact that he no longer plays ETS2 nor ATS. I think there should be more than one admin because if there is a vandalization happening and that occurs while the admin is offline (at night for example), it could take a while for the user vandalizing pages to get blocked from this community. I sent Patrickov a message about the community's problem. I want more admins in this community, please. I live in the US state of Vermont and the admin, Patrickov, lives in Hong Kong, which means he lives in a different time zone than me. This is an example that I can become the newest admin or anyone else to watch the community f…

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Technology With Pro Technology With Pro 10 August 2019

Will be gone next week (Sunday - Wednesday)

Hello, I am a FANDOM User that watches the Truck Simulator Wiki, and I will not be watching the Wikia for almost half of the week starting Sunday, because I will be gone to Massachusetts and Connecticut. I wish to the moderators and the users that watch the Wikia good luck. I will come back on Wednesday and hope the Wikia is clean. If I'm lucky enough, I might be watching SCS Software's blog during my time in Massachusetts and Connecticut. I am also following SCS Software on Facebook, so I'm more lucky to find out what's happening to Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. Goodbye for 4 days. :)

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Patrickov Patrickov 4 August 2019

Single day run for the Goodyear event

  1. Start: Paris (Tradeaux)
  2. Marseille (Wilnet Transport)
  3. Montpellier (Globeur)
  4. Clermont-Ferrand (Arrive at Tradeaux, pick goods from Gomme du Monde)
  5. Dijon (Stokes)
  6. Le Havre (Globeur)
  7. Calais (Arrive at Stokes, pick goods from LKW)
  8. Le Mans (Lisette Logistics)
  9. Paris (Arrive at Voitureux, pick goods from Lisette Logistics)
  10. Limoges (Wilnet Transport)
  11. End: Bourges (Globeur)
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LiquidNitrogen69 LiquidNitrogen69 12 June 2019

What if 18 WoS series were back?

If SCS Software ever announced that they were developing a new 18 Wheels of Steel game, what would your thoughts be? My thought would be: "On boy, a new 18 WoS game is coming up, I can't wait to play it!"

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Patrickov Patrickov 30 March 2019

One Truck Family Event Log

Deliveries done to get rewards:

  1. Mannheim - Paris, 23 March
  2. Frankfurt am Main - Paris, 24 March
  3. Amsterdam - Paris, 25 March
  4. Praha - Bratislava, 26 March
  5. Bratislava - Ancona, 28 March
  6. München - Ancona, 30 March
  7. Stuttgart - Poznań, 31 March
  8. Berlin - Poznań, 31 March
  9. Bremen - Brussels, 4 April
  10. Köln - Brussels, 5 April

Rewards (got it on completion of 10th delivery)

  • ETRC Cap
  • ETRC Mug
  • Pit Stop Paintjob
  • Norbert Kiss Mercedes Model 1:50

Now to have one delivery per destination change if possible...

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ArikTheBuilder ArikTheBuilder 8 February 2019

MAN TGX Euro 6 is joining Euro Truck Simulator 2!

Today, 8 February 2019, the long awaited MAN TGX Euro 6 truck line has been introduced to Euro Truck Simulator 2 together with update 1.34.

The truck comes with 3 cabins: XL, XXL and XLX as can be seen in the photo below.

The creation of the truck began back in 2014, according to SCS Software developer nicknamed Carthoo, it was delayed in 2018 because of missing chassis configurations, which SCS Software put efforts to probably find and implement, some of them are very rare. I think that the model looks good from outside (probably due to the long work on the chassis and more work on the exterior), but the Interior has some bad graphics but its not so bad, I took it to a long drive and it definitly did not disappoint me at all, I give it 8/10…

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Patrickov Patrickov 20 January 2019

Guideline to Myself 2019

  • Infoboxes
    • Title section
      • Own icon -- 24
      • Other routes -- 16
    • Junction Section
      • Start / end connector -- 20
      • Crossing routes -- 16
  • Text
    • Start / end connector -- 22
    • Text -- 18
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Matwor29 Matwor29 24 December 2018

Progression des succès

  • 1 Progression des succès dans Euro Truck Simulator 2
    • 1.1 Scandinavie
      • 1.1.1 MARIN
      • 1.1.2 MINEUR
    • 1.2 Vive La France !
      • 1.2.2 IMPORT EXPORT
    • 1.3 Italia
      • 1.3.1 CAPITAINE
      • 1.3.2 ATTENTION A LA LAVE
    • 1.4 Beyond The Baltic Sea
      • 1.4.1 GRAND TOUR
      • 1.4.3 COMME UN FERMIER
    • 1.5 Special Transport

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Karthoo Karthoo 22 December 2018

Doktorpixel's Christmas Gift Delivery 2018 Logbook

Only 3 deliveries to complete...

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Patrickov Patrickov 18 December 2018

Xmas Event 2018 Records

Hmmm... what do we have? 12 deliveries per game?

  • 1 ETS 2
    • 1.1 Trips
    • 1.2 Rewards
  • 2 ATS
    • 2.1 Trips
    • 2.2 Rewards

  • "Starlight Burst" paint-job (for both trucks and trailers)
  • Timber tree, Craftsman Tree, Silver Tree, Golden Tree, Platinum Tree, Festive Tree
  • Magical Spiral
  • "First Class" background
  • Xmas Tree (on tyre)

  • "Edge Tracer" paint-job (for both trucks and trailers)
  • Timber tree, Craftsman Tree, Silver Tree, Golden Tree, Platinum Tree, Festive Tree
  • Magical Spiral
  • "First Class" background
  • Xmas Tree (on tyre)
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Patrickov Patrickov 15 October 2018

Trade Connections Germany: Record

This blog entry records my experience in the Trade Connections - Germany event.

I try my best to only include conjoining countries, but some cities might offer fewer chances than I expect (e.g. I waited for a whole day to see a Polish order from Rostock, that's my 2nd trip).

  • 1 Stage 1 (Personal Goals)
    • 1.1 Log
    • 1.2 Rewards received
  • 2 Stage 2 (for Community)
    • 2.1 Log
  • 3 Tonnage Contribution

  • Brandenburg Gate (of course!)
  • Pennants of...
    • Czech Republic
    • Denmark
    • Slovakia (so, for finishing my share there?)

Really, I should have thought about doing round trips during stage 1, so that even if I didn't boost personal goals I could contribute to the community.

Total: 501.347 t

  • Stage 1: 158.188 t
  • Stage 2: 343.159 t
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GD Pro2Boss GD Pro2Boss 14 October 2018

Largest Cities in American Truck Simulator

GD Pro2Boss: "Lets try our best to find all cities in what place its in IF its in American Truck Simulator"

In American Truck Simulator, currently there are a total of 76 cities in the game now. The table bellow is a list of cities by population. Cities in bold are the state capitol. The number 19 in "bold" and "italic" means the smallest city over the population of 100,000.

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Patrickov Patrickov 13 August 2018

Status Update + My Two Cents on 1.32 open beta

Unfortunately, my dead harddisk could not be resurrected or have its data retrieved, which means I have to restart my work from scratch.  Meanwhile, I have a major tidy-up work at home, that I probably am not resuming my pace for a while.

I still took time to try out 1.32 open bata though.  I feel SCS has delivered less than they promised.

  • I voiced out a bug at Kiel at their sneak peek, but in the beta it's not fixed
  • The new district for Hamburg hasn't materialised.  Frankfurt seems not complete as well
  • Lubeck turns out to be just a closed off ferry point.  I have a feeling that Beyond the Baltic Sea can be accessed without Going East though (in real life Lubeck has ferries to / from Lithuania / Latvia / etc)
  • The trailer pack seems unfinished a…
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Patrickov Patrickov 2 June 2018

Start Your Engines: Record

Hi all, I just came back from London (in reality) yesterday. The event actually started just before my trip, so I waited until back home to start it. Hope I can make it this time.

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Patrickov Patrickov 30 April 2018

Disaster (Apr '18)

My (semi-external) HDD failed (physically) last week, which rendered my Trucking videos and Wikia work data shut off to me (unless I pay some USD 1400 to recover them).  That means I have to re-do my projects from scratch somehow.

Thank God that my profile persists elsewhere.  I will back that up ASAP.

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Patrickov Patrickov 29 March 2018

Trade Connections Sweden: Record

The following is what I have hauled for the Trade Connections - Sweden event.

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Patrickov Patrickov 7 January 2018

Injuries (again)

Looks like I am out of luck recently.

A year-end vacation turned out to be more injuries (this time on the right knee) and an illness.  I now foresee myself unable to finish the projects this month, but I will keep trying.  Of course, I also have to finish the Grand Gift Delivery 2017 first.

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Patrickov Patrickov 19 December 2017


Unfortunately I had a fall and injured myself last week.  Combining with the tight working schedule and cold weather (just cool for Europe, anyway), that means I do not have much time to do things for Truck Simulator Wikia.  My current work include:

  1. A program to auto-generate most road number signs at- or post-Scandinavia DLC
  2. City tour video for Brest
  3. Road video for Dutch A4 and French A11
  4. Screen captures and maps for the three Sicilian cities.

Let's see how much I can do before mid-Jan 2018...

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Patrickov Patrickov 12 December 2017

Italian Autostrada Icons

Since Scandinavia SCS uses new methods to render highway icons in-game.  Last time I found the set of fonts and definitions so I made some samples, as seen on A81 and N157 (France).

For Italia, I have also located the font, although I think if I simply extract the bitmaps and apply it to the maps the resolution would mess up.  Instead, I made some SVG's resembling the font and icon, and double-check with in-game screen captures.  The result is on the you see now.

Still I think I might have missed out some definitions - I somehow believe SCS has a vectorized font definition, and those bitmaps are probably mere "mirrors" - if they use it straight and tried to resize the fonts on signs, the signs will not be as smooth as we see.  So I think I h…

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Patrickov Patrickov 14 October 2017

Double-trailer Logistics: Record

The following is what I have hauled for the Double-trailer Logistics event.

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Karthoo Karthoo 13 October 2017

Doktorpixel's Multi-trailer - Logistic Event Logbook

This page helps me to get an overview on my Multi-Trailer Logistic event progress.

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Karthoo Karthoo 6 September 2017

Doktorpixel's Trade Connection - France Log Book

COMPLETED - This page helps me to get an overview on my Trade Connections - France progress. (inspired by Patrickov's page)

My Rewards: Heart of Paris, Country Pennants of United Kingdom, Poland and Czech Republic

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Patrickov Patrickov 6 September 2017

Trade Connections - France: Record

The following is what I have hauled for the Trade Connections - France event.


  • Heart of France (always)
  • Pennants (Netherlands, Italy, Belgium)
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Patrickov Patrickov 1 July 2017

Back for a Day?

Hi all,

Just drop by to tell you that I come back for a brief visit.

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Patrickov Patrickov 14 November 2016

Real-life Gets in the Way

Recently I play less Truck Simulator games and write less here.  The primary reason is that I now have a real car to drive, which means too much gaming would make me less concentrated when I am behind the wheels.  Real-life safety is the utmost important.

However I am well aware about SCS going to release Vive la France soon, which means I'd follow example for ATS, by keeping my copy old and grab as many old French materials as I can, before switching over to the new DLC.  I believe you guys are eager to write stuff on the new DLC anyways!

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Linac Linac 10 October 2016

ATS Rescale!

I'm so excited for the ATS Rescale. I hope i see alot of fails.

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Patrickov Patrickov 7 September 2016

Minor rest?

Well, I still play ETS2 and such and such.  The reason that I appear to be contributing less is... well... I gotta find a way to organize E18 and E20, both very long roads at the length of 1000km (in fact E20 does span above this length just counting Danish and Swedish sections).

And of course E39 would be the next.  Hopefully this one would be split into Danish and Norwegian sections, otherwise the mileage would be confusing.

As soon as I finish the Scandinavian Euroroutes I'll continue with the Polish ones.

And then the vast Germany.

France (especially French roads) would wait until Vive la France is out, but I encourage you to take screenshots in case you want to provide some comparison.

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Patrickov Patrickov 11 June 2016

I now have ATS too

With ETS 2 official map 100% explored and most achievements unlocked, I now start with American Truck Simulator!  Just tried two quick jobs in... I think I'll help out with contents there in the foreseeable future!

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Alex02089 Alex02089 17 April 2016

free camera mod/@comment-56392-20160417033223

The link isn't working.

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Alex02089 Alex02089 14 April 2016

free camera mod

Hello, there is my mod, it' s a free camera for ETS2.!npJxGIwR!BFj5vzs4bvBq1L5xSG3ljJlKGtnB_Ky4l2Zb8Xl6fmk

Click "Open " at the security warning.

My ETS2 Pseudo: Gendarmerie

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Patrickov Patrickov 14 March 2016

Mysterious Luxembourgish towns?

Just found some strange towns north of Luxembourg City when hauling two Volvos with a Volvo...

My question is simple... where are these towns in real-life?

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