Bergen is a city of Norway, introduced into Euro Truck Simulator 2: Scandinavia along with Kristiansand, Oslo and Stavanger.

Bergen was the northernmost city to be featured in the game before Pori and Tampere took its place.

Despite being the second-most populous city in Norway (after Oslo), the area accessible to truckers in Bergen is considerably smaller than the other three featured Norwegian cities. This is possibly because the other cities actually include the surrounding settlements, while there aren't many significant settlements around Bergen.

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Bergen is mainly featured in two sectors, separated by a hill.

The sector north of the hill consists of a few streets and three companies have depots there: Drekkar Trans, Nordic Crown and Polar Fish.

Other depots and facilities are in a long area along the coast to the south of the hill. GNT is in the facilities area, while Polaris Lines maintains a small cargo terminal next to its ferry port. Other facilities available in Bergen include a garage, a gas station, a hotel, a recruitment agency, a service shop, and a small truck dealer by DAF.

The ferry terminal is at the south end of the city's accessible road. If truckers look around there they may be able to find a large part of the city across the strait.

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A single road goes north of Bergen, numbered as the E16. In fact only about 100 km of that road is the E16, and the rest of the way to Oslo or Stavanger are parts of Norwegian national roads, but SCS signed all routes with Euroroute signs.

From the ferry port of Bergen, Polaris Lines operates a ferry service to and from Hirtshals in Denmark. In real-life the ferry actually stops in Stavanger before going to Hirtshals, but in the game they are treated as separate routes.

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