Icon Bank

The Bank icon, as seen in the game menu.

The Bank is a menu in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. Within the menu the player can take different amount of loans multiple times (the maximum limit being how much they have earned so far) and be able to invest in their company at a faster pace. Considering the expenses in the games are quite small compared to revenue, loans are a good idea for the player to get their first truck (which earns more income than being a freelancer) or additional ones for hired help, that takes a while to train and be able to recoup the cost.

Features Edit

A Yellow rectangle indicates the player can get a new loan, greyed out means that amount is outside the maximum amount the player can get. The active loans overview show the amount of loans, how much is left to repay, duration in days, interest rate and how much is paid per day (Installment). Next to the installment there is a repay button, in case the player earned enough money since taking the loan and wish to save in interest rate.

Loans Edit

  • $/ 10,000
  • $/ 50,000
  • $/ 100,000
  • $/ 400,000
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