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"Austria's terrain is highly mountainous. Only 32% of the country's area of 83,879 square km is below 500 metres. Its capital city is Vienna. The Arlberg Road Tunnel with a length of 13,976 metres is Austria's longest road tunnel and the 5th longest road tunnel in the world."
— Official Euro Truck Simulator 2 Website

Austria (German: Österreich) is a landlocked country in Central Europe, featured in Euro Truck Simulator, German Truck Simulator (Austria Edition) and Euro Truck Simulator 2.

The country is bordered by Germany to the northwest, the Czech Republic to the north, Slovakia to the northeast, Hungary to the east, Slovenia and Italy to the south, and Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west.

Despite its small size, it is connected to a relatively large number of countries, most of them also present in the game.

Austria was reworked in the 1.44 update.[1]

Accessible Cities[]

In Euro Truck Simulator, only the Austrian capital, Wien, is featured. Three more cities are included in German Truck Simulator (Austria Edition), and two more cities are included in the 1.11.1 update of Euro Truck Simulator 2.

City Name Image First Game Remarks
Graz Graz view 2.png ETS 2 Added in update 1.11.1
Reworked in update 1.44
Innsbruck Innsbruck streetview.png GTS (Edition Austria) Reworked in update 1.44
Klagenfurt am Wörthersee Klagenfurt am Wörthersee streetview.png ETS 2 Added in update 1.11.1
Reworked in update 1.44
Linz Linz view 1.png GTS (Editon Austria) Reworked in update 1.44
Salzburg Salzburg view.png GTS (Edition Austria) Reworked in update 1.44
Wien Wien view.png ETS 1 Capital
Reworked in update 1.44


ETS 1[]

Four Euroroutes are featured in Euro Truck Simulator.

E45 E55 E60 E65
E45 icon.png
Germany – Italy
E55 icon.png
E60 – Italy
E60 icon.png
Wien – Germany
E65 icon.png
Wien – Czech Rep.

ETS 2[]

There are eleven Highways (Autobahnen) and one Expressway (Schnellstraße) featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2, with every city having at least one Autobahn connected. Innsbruck is the only Austrian city with minor road sections on every connection to other Austrian cities.

A1 A2 A4 A6
Austria A1 icon.png
Wien – Germany (München)
Austria A2 icon.png
Wien – Italy (Venezia)
Austria A4 icon.png
Wien – Hungary
Austria A6 icon.png
Wien – Slovakia
A8 A9 A10 A12
Austria A8 icon.png
Linz - Germany (Nürnberg)
Austria A9 icon.png
Graz – Linz
Austria A10 icon.png
Klagenfurt north
Austria A12 icon.png
Inn Valley east (Innsbruck)
A13 A14 A21 S16
Austria A13 icon.png
Innsbruck – Italy (Verona)
Austria A14 icon.png
Inn Valley west
Austria A21 icon.png
Wien Outer Ring
Austria S16 icon.png
Inn Valley central

Cross-border minor roads from Austria include (clockwise from west):


  • Some player mods (e.g. ProMods) also include Liechtenstein and Slovenia, the two remaining countries bordering Austria.
  • In ProMods, from 2.30 onwards, most of Austria has been updated to be more realistic.


  1. SCS Software, Liebe Freunde, Guess Where We Are?, 2021-08-01 (accessed 2021-08-01)

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