This page contains a list of all trailers in American Truck Simulator.

Ownable Trailers Edit

Ownable Trailers have been introduced since the update 1.32. They can be bought at the trailer dealer and customized at service shops. The player has to own a trailer to do Cargo Market jobs. There are 8 different types: Sliding Tarps, Dry Vans and Flatbeds, as well as Insulated, Refrigerated, Container Carrier, Chip Van and Log trailers. All of them except for Chip Van and Log trailers are available as Single, STAA Double, B-Double, Rocky Mountain Double, Turnpike Double and Triple chains.

Following preconfigured models are available at the trailer dealer:

Standard Trailers Edit

Name Price Image Cargo types Notes
Container Carrier $27,900
ATS Container Carrier
Containers and container tanks Added in the update 1.35
Flatbed $30,700
ATS Flatbed
Construction equipment and materials
Dry Van $41,380
ATS Dry Van
General, dry goods
4 Bolster Logger $42,700
Logs, beams or tubes Added in the update 1.34
Sliding Tarp $45,700
ATS Sliding Tarp
General, dry goods
Flatbed Aluminium Double $61,360
ATS Flatbed Double
Construction equipment and materials Requires Level 17
Chip Van $68,740
ATS Chip Van
Bulk material Added in the update 1.35
Sliding Tarp R.M. Double $78,340
ATS Sliding Tarp Double
General, dry goods Requires Level 19 + Garage in Nevada/Oregon
Insulated $102,020
ATS Insulated
Chilled goods
Reefer $139,180
ATS Reefer
Frozen, chilled goods Requires Level 15
Insulated Triple $171,340
ATS Insulated Triple
Chilled goods Requires Level 17 + Garage in Nevada/Oregon

Non-ownable Trailers Edit

These trailers can not be bought and are only available at Quick JobsFreight Market and World of Trucks contracts.

Name Image
Acid Tank Trailer
ATS Acid Tank Trailer
Acid Tank Long Trailer
ATS Acid Tank Long Trailer
Bottom Dumper Trailer
ATS Bottom Dumper Trailer
Bottom Dumper Double Trailer
ATS Bottom Dumper Trailer Double
Bottom Dumper Long Double Trailer
ATS Bottom Dumper Trailer Double Long
Bulk Cement Trailer
ATS Bulk Cement Trailer
Car Transporter
ATS Car Transporter
Chemical Tank Trailer
ATS Chemical Tank Trailer
Chemical Tank Long Trailer
ATS Chemical Tank Long Trailer
Dry Bulk Trailer
ATS Dry Bulk Trailer
Dry Bulk Double Trailer
ATS Dry Bulk Double Trailer
Dry Bulk Long Double Trailer
ATS Dry Bulk Long Double Trailer
Dumper Trailer
ATS Dumper Trailer
Food Tank Trailer
ATS Food Tank Trailer
Fuel Tank Trailer
ATS Fuel Tank Trailer
Fuel Tank Long Trailer
ATS Fuel Tank Long Trailer
Gas Tank Trailer
ATS Gas Tank Trailer
Gas Tank Long Trailer
ATS Gas Tank Long Trailer
Lowboy Trailer
ATS Lowboy Trailer
Mobile Barrier Trailer
ATS Mobile Barrier Trailer

DLC Edit

These trailers are only available in separate DLC. None of them can be bought.

Heavy Cargo Pack: Edit

Name Image
Lowboy 55L Trailer
ATS Lowboy 55L Trailer

Special Transport DLC: Edit

Name Image
Double Lift Axle Flatbed
House Trailer

Forest Machinery: Edit

Name Image
Tub Grinder
Knuckleboom Loader

Former Trailers Edit

These trailers have been removed since the update 1.32.

Name Image
Box Trailer
ATS Box Trailer
Box Long Trailer
ATS Box Long Trailer
Box Long Double Trailer
ATS Box Trailer Double long
Box Short Double Trailer
ATS Box Trailer Double short
Box Triple Trailer
ATS Box Trailer Triple
Curtain Trailer
ATS Curtain Trailer
Curtain Long Trailer
ATS Curtain Long Trailer
Flatbed Trailer
ATS Large Tubes

With wall

ATS Plow

Without wall

Gooseneck Trailer
ATS Gooseneck Trailer 1
ATS Gooseneck Trailer 2
ATS Gooseneck Trailer 3
Log Trailer
ATS Log Trailer
Reefer Trailer
ATS Reefer Trailer
Reefer 3000R Trailer
ATS Reefer 3000R Trailer
Reefer 3000R Long Trailer
ATS Reefer 3000R Long Trailer
Reefer 3000R Long Double Trailer
ATS Reefer 3000R Trailer Double long
Reefer 3000R Short Double Trailer
ATS Reefer 3000R Trailer Double short
Reefer 3000R Triple Trailer
ATS Reefer 3000R Trailer Triple

Trivia Edit

  • The log trailer for American Truck Simulator has got 2 names since the update 1.34. The update 1.34 was Log 4 and with the update 1.35 the name changed to 4 Bolster Logger.
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