At the moment, there are 46 companies in American Truck Simulator. The companies provide jobs in the job market and the World of Trucks market, and deliveries will often involve transporting goods from one company to another. Below is a list of all the companies in the game (some companies may appear in more than one category).

Chemical Companies[edit | edit source]

These companies deal with chemicals, either making or disposing of them. You will often require an ADR license to take jobs from these companies, but there are some types of cargo where this is not the case.

Construction[edit | edit source]

These companies build things out of materials with which they are supplied. They can sometimes be found in rural areas, but more often than not they are to be found in the city centers.

Food Companies[edit | edit source]

This category contains companies which produce raw food (farms), as well as others which use this food to make processed food.

Forestry[edit | edit source]

Forestry is one of the countryside activities, as they are specialized in harvesting wood and processing it into wooden products for use in other industries like construction.

Logistic Companies[edit | edit source]

These companies deal with all types of goods and act as warehouse facilities. Their warehouses tend to be found in the cities. The cargo they deal with is often the same coming in as going out.

Quarrying[edit | edit source]

As the names of these companies suggest, they specialize in the extraction of stone and minerals from the ground. They require specialist equipment to do this, and the product must be taken to its next destination.

Supermarkets and Stores[edit | edit source]

These are the few companies with which the average consumer is likely to deal with week in, week out. They sell the goods that other companies produce to the general public, but they need regular deliveries to keep their stocks at an acceptable level.

Vehicle Manufacture and Retail[edit | edit source]

This industry uses chemicals and other raw materials to produce and sell vehicles, some specialize in production only, some in retail, and some specialize in certain types of vehicles, some not. All of these goods must be transported though.

List[edit | edit source]

Company Category Specialization No. of Depots Required Expansion Logo
42 Print Logistics companies Printing 7 42print logo.png
ABQ Cargo Center Logistics companies Airport logistics 1 New Mexico ABQ Cargo Center Icon.png
Avalanche Steel Vehicle manufacture and retail Scrapyards 17 Oregon / Washington / Utah / Idaho / Colorado Avalanche steel logo.png
Bitumen Construction Road construction 45 Bitumen logo.png
Bushnell Farms Food companies Farming 18 Bushnell farms logo.png
Charged Logistics companies, supermarkets and stores Electronics retailer 20 Charged logo.png
Chemso Chemical companies Chemical works 10 Chemso logo.png
Coastline Mining Quarrying Quarrying 44 Coastline Mining logo.png
Darchelle Uzau Food companies Vineyards 7 Darchelle uzau logo.png
Darwing Vehicle manufacture and retail Aviation 1 Washington Darwing Logo.png
Denver Air Cargo Logistics companies Airport logistics 1 Colorado Denver Air Cargo Logo.png
Deepgrove Forestry Forestry and wooden products 30 Deep grove logo.png
DeMuro Cars Vehicle manufacture and retail Vehicle retailer 3 Utah DeMuro Cars logo.png
Drake Car Dealer Vehicle manufacture and retail Vehicle retailer 12 Washington / Idaho / Colorado Drake Car Logo.png
Eddy's Supermarkets and stores Supermarket chain 23 Eddys logo.png
Farmer's Barn Food companies Farming 13 Utah / Idaho / Colorado Farmer's Barn logo.png
Fish Tail Foods Food companies Seafood processing 1 Washington Fish Tail Foods Logo.png
Gallon Oil Chemical companies Oil refineries, Oil drilling sites 18 Gallon new logo.png
Global Mills Food companies Dairy / Food plants 7 New Mexico / Oregon / Washington / Utah / Colorado Global Mills Icon.png
Haddock Shipyard Logistics companies Shipyard 1 Oregon Haddock shipyard logo.png
Heartwood Furniture Construction Furniture manufacturer 4 Oregon Heartwood logo.png
HMS Machinery Vehicle manufacture and retail Heavy-duty vehicles manufacturer 27 HMS logo.png
Home Store Supermarkets and stores Hardware store 25 Oregon / Washington / Utah / Idaho / Colorado Home Store logo.png
Kenworth Vehicle manufacture and retail Truck manufacturer (USA) and dealer 10 Washington Kenworth logo.png
NAMIQ Quarrying Quarrying 13 New Mexico / Colorado NAMIQ Logo.png
Oakland Shippers Logistics companies Port logistics 1 Oakland Shippers Logo-0.png
Olthon Homes Construction House construction 3 Oregon / Idaho Olthon Homes logo.png
Page & Price Paper Construction Paper 6 Oregon / Washington / Idaho Page and price paper logo.png
Phoenix Freight Logistics companies Airport logistics 1 Arizona Phoenix FREIGHT.svg
Plaster & Sons Construction Construction 61 Plaster and sons logo.png
Port of San Francisco Logistics companies Port logistics 1 Port of San Francisco Logo.png
Port of Seattle Logistics companies Port logistics 1 Washington Port of Seattle Logo.png
Port of Tacoma Logistics companies Port logistics 1 Washington Port of Tacoma Logo.png
Portland Cargo Central Logistics companies Airport logistics 1 Oregon Portland Cargo Central logo.png
Rail Export Logistics companies Railway logistics 21 Rail Export logo.png
Sea Horizon Vehicle manufacture and retail Yacht manufacturer 7 Washington / Idaho Sea Horizon Logo.png
Sell Goods Logistics companies General logistics 36 Sellgoods logo.png
Steeler Construction Steel 11 Oregon / Washington / Idaho / Colorado Steeler logo.png
Sunshine Crops Food companies Agriculture 41 Sunshine Crops logo.png
Tidbit Supermarkets and stores Supermarket chain 16 Arizona / New Mexico / Oregon / Washington / Colorado Tidbit Logo.png
Ultimus Airport logistics Airport logistics 2 New Mexico / Colorado Ultimus Logo.png
USBB Food / beverage Food / beverage 1 Colorado USBB Logo.png
Vitas Power Construction Wind turbine manufacturer 3 Colorado Vitas Power logo.png
Voltison Motors Supermarkets and stores, vehicle manufacture and retail Vehicle manufacturer and dealer 45 Voltison Motors logo.png
Wallbert Supermarkets and stores Supermarket chain 105 Wallbert Logo.png
Western Star Trucks Vehicle manufacture and retail Truck manufacturer (USA) and dealer 5 Oregon Western Star Trucks Logo.png

Unused Companies[edit | edit source]

This companies are present on the game files, but they went unused. It's unknown if this companies will appear in the future

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Of the companies listed here, only Bushnell Farms and Eddy's return as they were originally part of the 18 WoS Series from Across America to American Long Haul.

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