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American Truck Simulator full map

American Truck Simulator full map as of update 1.35. (without Washington)

American Truck Simulator (abbreviated as ATS) is a truck simulation game created and released by SCS Software in 2016. It can be considered a spiritual successor to the 18 Wheels of Steel franchise.

Gameplay Edit

Before you start your career as a ground logistics manager, you will first have to create your profile. You will choose your avatar, your name, your preferred truck, and your company logo. You will then choose your difficulty level (The higher, the more realistic).

Before you start your multi-million dollar logistics company, you will first have to complete quick jobs for other people. You will have to earn at least 100 thousand dollars before buying your first truck.

As the player completes jobs and levels up, they will unlock Skills. skills can be used to upgrade fuel efficiency and long distance cargoes as well as unlocking hazardous, fragile and important deliveries.

Eventually, you gain enough sums to buy a new garage which will allow you to store more trucks. From here you can hire NPCs from a Recruitment Agency to earn even more cash.

A feature that has been unique in ATS is that truckers have to choose where to unload the cargo they are hauling when they reach the destination depot. This function has been introduced later to ETS2, too. A "desired spot" (which gives out more XP but harder to park) and a "safe spot" (easier to park but less XP) are usually available at every depot. Alternatively, the trucker can skip parking with the price of forfeiting all parking XPs.

States and Cities Edit

Although American Truck Simulator only features 6 states out of a possible 50 (though it is a bit unlikely that the entire US map will be finished anytime soon) at this time, all states are immense in detail and design and feature large cities for you to explore. It takes at least 1 hour real time to travel from one end of Nevada to the coast of California, meaning it will be a very large game once the entire map is finished.

The base game came with the state of California and Nevada at release, with a total of 32 cities. Arizona came later as a free DLC, consisting of 15 cities. The newest DLC, released on June 11, 2019, added the state of Washington with 16 cities. In total, there are currently 92 cities implemented.

Garages Edit

State capital cities are in bold lettering.

Arizona: Flagstaff, Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma

California: Bakersfield, Fresno, Los Angeles, Redding, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Diego

Nevada: Carson City, Elko, Las Vegas, Reno

New Mexico: Albuquerque, Farmington, Las Cruces, Roswell, Santa Fe

Oregon: Bend, Eugene, Medford, Portland, Salem, Ontario

Utah: TBA

Washington: Kennewick, Olympia, Seattle, Spokane, Wenatchee

Trucks Edit

Main article: American Truck Simulator Trucks

Although there are only five trucks and three companies at this time, International and Freightliner trucks are expected to arrive soon, but still lack proper licensing from the manufacturers.

Kenworth T680, Kenworth W900

Peterbilt 389, Peterbilt 579

Volvo VNL

DLCs Edit

Main article: Downloadable Content#American Truck Simulator DLC

American Truck Simulator - Arizona

  • This adds the state of Arizona to the game. This DLC is free and can be downloaded immediately upon purchase of the base game.

American Truck Simulator - New Mexico

  • This adds the state of New Mexico to the game. The DLC costs €11,99 or £8.99.

American Truck Simulator - Oregon

  • This adds the state of Oregon to the game. The DLC costs €11,99 or £8.99.

American Truck Simulator - Washington

  • This adds the state of Washington to the game. The DLC costs €11,99 or £8.99.

American Truck Simulator - Utah

  • This adds the state of Utah to the game. The DLC has yet to be released.

American Truck Simulator - Wheel Tuning Pack

  • This gives more options to customize nuts, discs, hubs, and hub covers.

American Truck Simulator - Steering Creations Pack

  • This adds 20 unique alternate designs of steering wheels from Steering Creations, Inc.

American Truck Simulator - Heavy Cargo Pack

  • This adds new jobs with cargo that are much heavier and larger than those on regular jobs, ranging from large cable reels to mobile cranes. It also features new non-standard trailers with complex multi-joint articulation, jeeps and boosters.

American Truck Simulator - Special Transport

  • This adds new jobs with heavy over-sized loads that require truckers to follow special driving rules such as no stopping at gas stations and following escort vehicles. The DLC was released on November 7, 2018.

American Truck Simulator - Forest Machinery

  • This adds trailers and other specialized attachments and accessories based around, mainly, the woodworking state territories. It adds log machinery, grinder trailers, headache racks, and more. This DLC was released on June 11, 2019 along with the Washington state DLC.

Trivia Edit

American Truck Simulator map

American Truck Simulator full map prior to update 1.5, when it was rescaled from 1:35 to 1:20

  • On release, the scale of the ATS map was 1:35. In version 1.5, it was changed to 1:20 (1.75x larger) to match the scale used in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

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