In United Kingdom, the A9 / A80 roads and M9 / M80 motorways are four major roads running northeast from Glasgow, the largest Scottish city.

While in real-life they are four interconnected but independent roads, UK Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 rendered them as four roads continuing from one another. Specifically, the order from south to north is:


In fact, together with the M74 and the M90, as well as the M6 and the A14 in England, a trucker can possibly travel from Cambridge to Edinburgh (via Birmingham, Carlisle and Glasgow) on effectively one highway.

Although the A80M80M9A9 form a major Scottish route in real-life, truckers might find themselves using the M90 more when doing jobs to / from Aberdeen. The main reason is that a minor road between Edinburgh and Carlisle, which is introduced in Euro Truck Simulator 2, makes travelling to / from Aberdeen via Glasgow longer than routing via Edinburgh.

Trivia Edit

  • In UKTS and ETS 2, part of the road from the eastern terminus of A9 to Aberdeen is still A9 in real-life, but is not explicitly signed as such in-game.
  • In ProMods, the A9 is greatly extended north to Thurso, a large town in the extreme northeast of Scotland.

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