The A3 is an east-west highway in Belgium featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2. However, only the part east of Liège is featured, while the section between Liège and Brussels is omitted (which means truckers have to use A15 and A7 to travel between them). Nevertheless, the part of A3 featured in the game forms a vital east-west link between France and Germany.

As in real life, Belgium motorway numbers are not shown on signs if they are part of European Routes. For the A3's case, it is part of E40 from the German border to the next junction, and E42 for the rest of the way.

Because of this signing policy, the exact starting point of A3 in the game is unclear. Judging from a map of Liège in real life, the starting point seems to be at the main entrance for Liège city centre. The mileage in the infobox is thus measured up to this point.

The speed limit for trucks on this road is 90km/h (56mph).

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