At the moment, there are approximately 20 companies in 18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul. The companies provide jobs. Below is a list of all the companies in the game.

Logistics CompaniesEdit

These companies deal with all types of goods and act as warehouse facilities. Their warehouses tend to be found in the cities. The cargo they deal with is often the same coming in as going out.

Food CompaniesEdit

This category contains companies which produce raw food (farms), as well as others which use this food to make processed food.

Chemical CompaniesEdit

These companies deal with chemicals, either making or disposing of them. You will often require an ADR licence to take jobs from these companies, but there are some types of cargo where this is not the case.

Supermarkets and StoresEdit

These are the few companies with which the average consumer is likely to deal with week in, week out. They sell the goods that other companies produce to the general public, but they need regular deliveries to keep their stocks at an acceptable level.


As the names of these companies suggest, they specialise in the extraction of stone and minerals from the ground. They require specialist equipment to do this, and the product must be taken to its next destination.

Waste Companies Edit

These companies are specialised on disposing wastes.

Military Edit

These companies are specialized on military support.

Vehicle manufacturers Edit

These companies are specialized on the manufacturing of vehicles.

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